Green Party To Add Delegates to PA State Committee


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Sunday, December 17, 2023



Chris Robinson, Communication Team Co-Leader

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Green Party To Add Delegates to PA State Committee

At the State Committee meeting of the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA, on November 12, the 30 elected delegates voted by consensus to change the Rules (think “by-laws”) of the party to include more elected delegates from unorganized parts of the Commonwealth. Before this vote, around thirty percent of the GPPA’s 10,000 registered members lived in unorganized counties.

GPPA Co-Chair Jeremy Griffin (Delaware), explained, “The main reason this amendment had to be passed was to insure that we give a voice to unorganized Greens, no matter in which county they live. The amendment was discussed and approved by the Steering Committee, and I believe it will strengthen the GPPA’s democratic process at the state level.”

Green Party of Lancaster County Chair Tim Runkle, said: “The GPPA State Committee is both the governing body of the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) and the representation of Greens across our Commonwealth. Our Green Party rules had been built in a way which ensures local representation through organized county committees. The rules, however, have failed to provide the vast unorganized areas of the Commonwealth a voice on the State Committee. The rule change proposed by the delegation from Lancaster County intended to resolve that issue as well as to preserve the intent of local representation. This change permits any registered Green in PA to participate in the State Committee while holding true the Green Party's Four Pillars of grassroots democracy and the Ten Key Values of decentralization.”

GPPA Communication Team Co-chair Chris Robinson (Philadelphia) predicted, "This will be the first step in building new Green Party Chapters in our Commonwealth's 50 unorganized counties. With a presidential election in 2024, it will be important to give a voice to every Green Party member."

The Rules of the Green Party of Pennsylvania, Rule II State Committee, Section 2.b)  has been amended to read:

“All State Committee members shall be elected as determined by the rules of the County Committee of the county of their residence to one year terms, or a part thereof. Registered Greens who have no organized County Committee in their county of residence shall be elected by the State Committee during the first meeting of the calendar year. The number of members permitted for unorganized County members shall be no more than two per county.” 

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