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If you find that you share these ideals and want to work toward a future where people and planet are valued and our government represents all of us, come and join the movement. 

Everything we do is based on our Four Pillars and Ten Key Values.


Sign the PA Green Party Petition to decriminilize below!





State Party endorses candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, US Senate, State Senate, and State House of Representatives


SCRANTON, PA--- PA Greens from across the state convened in Scranton at the IBEW Local 81 on March 17th & 18th for their Annual State Convention and Business Meeting. The two-day event was filled with workshops and training, such as “How to Run a Local Campaign,” “Event Planning 101,” and “Encouraging more LGBT and Women Candidates.

During the Sunday business meeting, the Greens endorsed 7 candidates running for state and national offices this year. This announcement comes after a successful 2017 election in which 12 Green Party candidates were elected to a variety of positions throughout the state. Pennsylvania currently has the 2ndmost elected Greens in office after California.

The endorsed Pennsylvania Greens running in the 2018 election are as follows:


     Neal Gale, US Senate


     Paul Glover, Governor

     Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick, Lt Governor

     Philip Gleaton, US Congress District 2

     Jay Sweeney, State Senate 20th District

     Jay Ting Walker, State House 23rd District

     Garrett Wasserman, State House 45th District


The Green Party of Pennsylvania is an independent political party that stands in opposition to the two corporate parties.

Our 2018 candidates will promote public policy based on the Green Party four pillars: Grassroots Democracy, Nonviolence, Ecological Wisdom, and Social Justice/Equal OpportunityCurrently, there are 147 Green Party members holding elected offices in 18 states.

For further insight on the actions that the Green Party of Pennsylvania is taking to improve our democracy and serve the needs of people over profits, please visit




Green Party of PA News Highlights


Greetings fellow Greens! 

The mission of the Green Party of Pennsylvania is to promote Green values throughout Pennsylvania by participation in the political process: electing candidates; enacting legislation; organizing communities; providing viable new political options; supporting the development of county Green Parties; and making government more open, democratic, and participatory for all Pennsylvania citizens. 

Last month at our 2018 Convention in Scranton, we endorsed seven candidates to run for state or federal office in Pennsylvania.   As we move into petitioning and face months of hard work ahead of us, let’s keep in mind what we are working for.  Greed and intimidation are running our country right now. International weapons deals have been legalized and normalized and we are actively creating conflicts (and death) throughout the world to keep up the demand for our “national interests.” Our economy has been rigged so that the harder we work the poorer and less secure we get. The war on drugs has been escalated and new, private prisons are being built to rake in the money (that we will pay through taxes) for locking people up for minor offences.  The rights of women, people of color, and our LGBTQ population have especially been under assault. Pipelines full of poison snake their way across our beautiful state, threatening our water, while fracking drills break apart the foundations of the earth, creating new instability and earthquakes. Wind and solar energy are actively stifled along with the voices and votes of anyone who opposes the insanity that has become our corporate government.  Although this is all flagrantly obvious right now, it has been trending over the past 30 years, through periods of governmental control by both major parties.

Whether or not we win, we have made a commitment to provide an alternative voice and an alternative choice.  Petitioning to get Green Party candidates on the ballot is a major step in that commitment.  If you would like to join our efforts toward a green (and sane) future by petitioning or helping with a campaign, go to and sign up for GreenWave.

I’m looking forward to a spring and summer filled with meeting new people and sharing my hope for a brighter future.  

Thank you all for joining me in this effort.


Sheri Miller, Chair

Green Party of Pennsylvania




The Operations Team is working on creating a new website.  We are actively recruiting people with technical backgrounds to participate.  If interested, go to and sign up so we can contact you.  

The new proposed Rules changes are almost complete and will be voted on in the May virtual meeting.  Greens have a unique process for obtaining consensus that is interesting to watch.  Although only state delegates will be able to participate in votes, anyone can join in the May meeting as an observer.  Watch for the meeting information in the next Newsletter. Report by Sheri Miller.




Seven Green candidates were endorsed at the State Convention in Scranton.  The candidates are getting their campaigns underway.  Stay tuned to GreenWave for more information about candidates and links to their websites.  If you are interested in helping on a campaign directly, you can contact GreenWave or a candidate’s individual website.

Petitioning is underway with petition coordinators identified in county locals across the state.  Spending a few hours collecting signatures from your own polling place on primary day (May 15th) is a great way to get a lot of valid signatures quickly since people who just voted are clearly registered and many of them may be disillusioned by their lack of options on the primary ballot.  Anyone interested in petitioning to get these great candidates on the ballot in November can sign up by joining GreenWave.  It’s also a way to get out and meet people in your area if you are interested in running as a local candidate in 2019. Report by Sheri Miller. 



This year's 2018 convention was a great success. Although the numbers are not yet final, at least $500 was raised through a combination of ticket sales/merchandise/and silent auction money! It was the team's pleasure to work with the Lackawanna County Greens in assisting them with the event planning and fundraising. The Lackawanna County Greens have a strong, professional, and dedicated membership. 

 The Green Party of Pennsylvania has also been successful with our fundraising outside of our planned events - Over the course of three months, we more than doubled our original goal of attracting sustaining financial support from grassroots sponsors.  It is very encouraging for us to know that so many people believe in us enough to support our necessary operational costs! Report by Andrew Chiang.



The GP of PA Communications Committee with various Media committee members have been very active revitalizing Twitter presence and regularly producing the new Green Star.

You can find our newest press releases “Green Party of Pennsylvania Announces Six Candidates for 2018 State and National Election” here.

We had success streaming various workshops from our Green Party of Pennsylvania Convention in March. You can find the video currently housed on our Facebook Page.

As GP of PA Communications Committee - we must educate and communicate current events and be involved in participatory actions, becasue that's what Greens do. Report by Dave Ochmanowicz.




Millersville University Greens have thier first Campus Greens meeting

The Green Wave is rolling through college campuses across the state with the first meeting of the College Greens of Milllersville University.

In March we saw Greens on Campus as the Lancaster County Green Party was hosted by the fledgling Campus Greens of Millersville University.

The engaged youth are soon the be the largest voting block in the nation and many are making the break with the two-party system in a solid step towards democracy. Keep an eye on Millersville University!



2018 Petitioning has started! 

It's time to do your part, click below! 








New Leadership for Philadelphia’s Green Party

Members of the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP, elected their 2018 leaders while meeting at Shissler Recreation Center in Fishtown.

The new leadership is young and energetic, two characteristics which will be useful in their rejuvenation of the Green Party. This was recognized by Margie Neary, the newly elected GPOP Membership Secretary, who had told the Greens, “lf elected, I would bring positive energy, organizational skills and fresh ideas to the position.”

The new GPOP City Committee will be the youngest in its history, and it is already faced with several long-term problems, including a dwindling Green Party membership. This is the result of a continuous membership slide during the past eight years. Full Release


4 Pillars Report is a weekly radio program hosted by Carl Romanelli

4 Pillars Report is an independent weekly radio program hosted by Carl Romanelli, an activist with the Green Party of the US. Issues focus on various levels; local, state, national and global. All issues are designed to promote the pillars of ecology, justice, peace and democracy.

This show features John Brakey, and election expert. He talks about his efforts to make election results transparent, verifiable and public. We discuss differences in a few states, and the continuing effort for reform. John also discusses voter suppression techniques and the continued trend of state-sponsored voter disenfranchisement, predominately for people of color.

Learn more about John's work at:

Cover photo of John R. Brakey leading a presentation on election equipment and digital imaging, Green Party of PA Convention, Scranton, PA - March 17, 2018. A special thanks to Carl and John from GP of PA for their workshop help over during our convention last month. 


Green Party of PA is proud to support the 2018 

Cannabis Festival Earth Day weekend

April 22, 2018   Earth Day weekend

Nay Aug Park in Scranton, PA     

Come out and join us at the table, and lend a hand!

LOTS of MUSIC, Vendors, Food, Community Organizations

Join Greens from all over the State and help us raise awareness for our Party and our candidates by joining thousands from around the state to demand decriminalization on cannabis.

Be Seen Being Green!

We will be there in numbers and you can come visit our table, make a donation and maybe buy a shirt or decriminalization sign and support our State Party.


Gender Equity and the Green Party

I consider myself a 4th wave feminist, which means that I believe that all social injustices are interconnected. I’m also a social worker who believes in systems theory, meaning that no problem can be fixed independently. Classism, racism, and sexism cannot be demolished by only working in one domain. Our understanding of political issues can’t be reduced to just working on racism without taking into account the classism and sexism that is undoubtedly attached to racism. So we can’t work on fixing sexism without taking time to look at how we can fix class and racism in order to establish an egalitarian society.

The Green Party’s ideology is organized into Four Pillars which are then broken down into 10 key values. Feminism and Gender Equity are part of the key values, and it was this value which caused me to switch parties from blue to green. See, Greens don’t just want Gender Equality, they want Gender Equity, and that’s an important distinction.

Read on ...



Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Delaware County Green Party of PA
From: 7:00 P.M—8:45 P.M. 
Swarthmore Borough Hall


Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Chester County Green Party
From: 7:00 P.M—8:45 P.M. 
20 Redtail Ct, West Chester


Monday, April 9, 2018

GP of  Phila. City Committee Meeting
From: 7:00 P.M.
The Institute Bar


Saturday, April 21,2018

17 Years of War protest, sponsored by Chester County Peace Movement w/Chester County Green Party
From: Noon 
Courthouse steps, West Chester, PA


Sunday, April 29,2018

Pottstown Climate March w/Chester County Green Party
From: 2P.M.
Meet in front of The Hill School


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May Day USA Celebration w/GPOP
From: 3:30 P.M.
Clark Park, in University City, Philadelphia


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Primary Election Day
From: 7:00 am until 8:00 pm at your polling place
The best location to collect signatures on Green Party nomination papers.


Saturday, May 19, 2018

New Hope / Lambertville Pride Fest w/ Bucks County Green Party
From: 11 A.M. to ?   |  Email [email protected] to participate
New Hope, PA 


Monday, April 30, 2018

Bucks County Greens meet in Quakertown
From: 7:00  P.M. to 8:45   |  Email [email protected] to participate
Quakertown Public Library (Bucks County Free Library, James A. Michener Branch, 401 W Mill St, Quakertown, PA 18951)


Sign the PA Greens Petition to Decriminilize HERE!



We had great results for election year 2017. 

If you want to get involved and work with us directly on these efforts, consider volunteering or joining a committee.    





News Highlights from GPUS & More

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green Party leaders said that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman deserves protest and the threat of sanctions over his country's mass murder of Yemeni civilians instead of a friendly welcome to the U.S. 

The Saudi Arabian leader visited President Trump on Tuesday for friendly talks about military assistance, purchases of U.S. weapons, and sharing of wealth.

Read the full release here.


The Green Party will hold its 2018 Annual National Meeting in Salt Lake City, July 19-22

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party of the United States will hold its 2018 Annual National Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, from Thursday, July 19 to Sunday, July 22.

Greens will convene at the University of Utah.

The meeting will feature Green Party panels, workshops, meetings of the Green National Committee, and other events.

Green candidates running in 2018 and elected officials are expected to attend.


On Sunday, March 18, 2018, the following Resolution was ratified by unanimous consent by a quorum of the Mountain Party State Executive Committee in support of those Communication Workers of America who are currently on strike against Frontier Communications.  

WHEREAS FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS, INC., has shown no evidence of bargaining in good faith to come to an equitable contract with its employees and members of the COMMUNICATIONS WORKERS of AMERICA in nearly two years.

WHEREAS the COMMUNICATIONS WORKERS of AMERICA are engaged in peaceful job actions and a strike against FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS, INC.,                  Read the full release here.


Green Party Black Caucus elects co-chairs to Reparations Working Group

 The Green Party of the United States Black Caucus is proud to announce it has nominated and elected two co-chairs to its Green Party of the United States Reparations working group to secure full and complete reparations for the descendants of slaves in the United States of America.

Anika Ofori is a cultural artist, social entrepreneur and activist. She currently lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is a US Navy veteran. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Urban Ministry Leadership from Geneva College and a Master of Divinity from The Virginia Union University. She is a member of GPLA and GPUS-BC.

Trahern Crews is a community organizer, activist and socially responsible entrepreneur who organizes with urban youth around sustainable food access. Mr. Crews currently resides in Saint Paul Minnesota and is a member of the Minnesota Green Party, GPUS-BC and the spokesperson for the Minnesota Green Party of the 4th congressional district.


If you are interested in joining the Green Party of The United States Black Caucus Reparations Working group please click on the link and fill out the GPUS Reparations working Group Interest Form link below. GPUS-BC Reparations Working Group Interest Form

For more information contact   |   Anika Ofori @ [email protected]    |    Trahern Crews @ 763-260-4233


Ballot Victory in Montana

Greetings Montana Greens!

We're pleased to announce that we have succeeded in our efforts to secure ballot access for the 2018 and 2020 election cycles!!

So any of you beautiful people who would like the opportunity to make real change in our state have a spot on the ballot!!


Five Utah Greens file to run for office

Five members Green Party of Utah have filed to run for office in 2018.

The five are Adam Davis (running for U.S. Congress, District 1), Abrian Velarde (running for for State Senate, District 12); Edward Bodily (running for Utah House, District 33); Matt Styles (running for Utah House, District 61) and Brendan Phillips (running for Tooele County Commission, Seat A).

All five expect to gain official candidate status at the April 21 Green Party of Utah Convention.



What is PA GreenWave? Why is it so important?

GreenWave is a committee of the Green Party of PA overseeing a regional network of support for candidates, campaigns, and new county affiliations.

2017 was a very good year for local Green wins, and we are looking forward to cultivating numerous candidates for state and federal offices in 2018 -- and to establishing local affiliates in counties that lack them.




It takes hundreds of Greens just like you to make the Green Party work. 

We are a people-powered party. 

Seeking small donations from many (rather than huge donations from just a few) ensures that the party and its candidates represent real, everyday people and not just special interests.  

You can support the Green Party in many ways, however a monthly sustaining donation helps to fund a solid infrastructure to help local chapters coordinate candidates and provide resources to make their campaigns successful.  As little as $3 per month can have a significant impact!  

Join us and help bring about a future where people and planet are valued over profits.


If you want to get more directly involved, consider volunteering or joining a committee.  

Work with other committed progressives in activities such as planning events, developing media content, or helping with campaigns. Lets join together to make 2018 the year of progressives!


Green Party of Pennsylvania Communications & Media Committee 

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Issue Credits: Dave Ochmanowicz, Lon Diffenderfer


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